Featured Image WordPress Plugin For Collecting Business Reviews – Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor & More

WordPress Plugin For Collecting Business Reviews – Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor & More

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Cabe Nolan January 13, 2019


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Today we received notice from WordPress that our recent plugin submission related to our Bold City Product, Arrivala, had been approved for the WordPress Repository – Great News!

Our new Arrivala WordPress plugin, available here, creates a seamless integration between the business reviews collected through Arrivala and your WordPress business website.  What kind of features are included?  Let’s take a peek:

On the visual side of the website, the Arrivala plugin creates a floating ‘Read Our Reviews’ clickable tab.  When clicked, it produces a pop-out showcasing your review ranking and your most recently collected reviews through Arrivala.  This widget is controllable through the backend of WordPress allowing you to customize its color, location, whether it is shown on mobile and more.

Behind the scenes, the Arrivala plugin adds perfectly structured ‘schema’ to your website code.  Schema is invisible data that search engines (like Google & Bing) read to categorize and show your website information in search results.  Have you ever seen a search result that shows a star rating review under it like the image to the right?  That is created by schema and is exactly what this plugin does for you but without any technical or coding knowledge required.  You don’t even need to hire a developer to integrate!

Finally, the Arrivala review widget adds a link to your website allowing visitors to your website to quickly review your company and share that review to your profiles across Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Houzz, Zillow, Better Business Bureau and more.

The plugin is completely free to download from WordPress and is compatible with all Arrivala account versions (including the free version).  Yep, you read that right, you can collect awesome reviews, showcase those reviews, get perfectly crafted schema markup all without even providing a credit card.  Did we go crazy?!

We’re pretty excited as this is Bold City’s first office plugin in the WordPress Repository.  All WordPress plugins in the repository have to go through a rigorous review process, being evaluated for code quality and security by the WordPress team.  As a side note, are you in need of a custom plugin designed for your business?  Checkout our custom application development page!

Also, if you haven’t yet heard of our Arrivala product, please go checkout our page here.  Arrivala is the complete solution to your business reputation management needs.  Arrivala allows you to automate the collection of reviews for your business and distribute those reviews to the most popular profiles including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, HealthGrades, Zillow, Houzz, Avvo, and so many more.

Have a question or need further assistance with business reputation management?  Give us a call at 904-755-0091, email us at [email protected] or head over to our contact page.

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