Featured Image Offer Incentive For Online Reviews – How To Do It The Legal Way

Offer Incentive For Online Reviews – How To Do It The Legal Way

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Cabe Nolan November 22, 2018


The importance of online reviews for your business cannot be understated.  Whether you are a retailer selling clothing, a custom home builder, a hair stylist or a local IT provider, customers are searching for your business and reviews associated with it.

But how do you get reviews?

Unfortunately, you are more likely to get reviews of negative experiences than positive experiences.  This makes it difficult to present a positive business reputation online.  To get positive reviews many businesses have tried to incentivize customers using discounts or free offerings in exchange for leaving a review.  This can be illegal and you can even be fined by the FTC for offering direct incentives.

So what do you do?  Arrivala Review Collection & Reputation Management has created a system that not only incentivizes review writers but does it in a legal and legitimate manner.  How does it do this?  Charity donations in exchange for online reviews.  Why is this allowed?

  • The review writer does not receive any direct compensation, discount or other payment.
  • The charitable donation made by the business is given for both positive and negative reviews and is thus unbiased and a correct reflection of the business to consumers.

Everybody wants to give to charity but many don’t either due to not having sufficient funds or the difficulty of making the donation.  Incentivizing your past clients & customers with charitable donations in exchange for their review solves both of those issues. 

Okay, okay, you might be saying, how much work is it for me, the business owner, to donate for every review I receive.  We get it, another thing on your plate.  However, Arrivala has that covered by automating the entire process.  You simply select your charity and the amount you’re willing to donate per review you receive (0.50 cents or more) and Arrivala handles the rest.  Arrivala sends out review requests to your customers as you add them to the system.  When a review is written, it automatically subtracts the per review donation amount from your charity balance.

You simply get a clean report every month showing how much was donated on your behalf and what reviews that money came from.

Getting business reviews is often a daunting task to business owners.  They don’t have the time to follow up with customers and they live with the constant worry of a couple negative reviews ruining their business.


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