Made In The USA

Our in-house designers & developers craft your website right here in the U.S.A..

Bold City is proud to not outsource our projects to offshore companies for production.  We handle all design & development right here in the U.S.A..  This decision is never easy to make as, with many products, there can be a significant cost-advantages for moving overseas.  However, there can also be significant disadvantages that we’ve found after operating for nearly a decade in this industry:


1. Poorly Written Code

The number one issue with offshore development companies is the quality of code that is produced.  While we won’t get into technical discussions, the code delivered by offshore companies can be insecure, not efficient, difficult to build upon, and slow to execute.  While the code may work now, it can quickly cause complications when you go to expand on your website or as technology changes and the code becomes unable to run on modern servers.


2. Security Issues

Building on point #1, another major issue we’ve seen with offshore development companies is the security element of custom development.  Sure, the code may work but how long do you think it’s going to last if a hacker can drop your entire database table with a single line of code?  Furthermore, do you really want offshore companies having direct access to your website?


3. Communication Issues

Time zones can be a major issue when it comes to deadlines and getting projects completed.  What happens if you have a question or issue with your website at 9:00AM when you arrive at the office?  You have to wait until 8:00PM that night for the offshore we development company to get back with you.  Not acceptable in our opinion.  Having our team work U.S. business hours is a major benefit to our success.


4. Replication Of Code

We’ve seen many cases where a website that was supposed to be developed exclusively for company A, gets replicated almost exactly to companies B and C who are direct competitors.  Furthermore, companies B & C pay a fraction of the cost that company A (the original company) paid.



For the above reasons and more, we’ve made the decision to complete all design & development work by individuals in the U.S.A..  We’re proud of our decision and feel it ultimately provides a better finished product to our clients.  A product that can be supported and maintained for years to come.