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Website Design & Development

People make snap judgements. It takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person and websites are no different. We design cutting edge websites as a daily part of our lives. Utilizing the newest technology and building on rock solid foundations such as WordPress. We're experts in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Angular JS, PHP, and more.

When you hire us to design a website, we will walk you through it every step of the way. Websites are not just meant to be "pretty", they are meant to tell a story, meant to invoke action and response. When we take on your project we put consideration into the user experience on each and every page and it shows. We don't use pre-made themes or drag and drop editors. We develop your custom site from the ground up.

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E-Commerce Consultation & Development

The world is a big place and it's probably about time you opened up your full inventory to it. In this day and age, there's no excuse as to why you should not be selling online. There are dozens of channels to promote your products through and drive business through the roof. Opening up a new store? Let's talk! We have knowledge on point of sale systems and how that will effect your online growth.

When you hire us to take on the development of your e-commerce platform, you will not only be getting top tier development but also years of experience operating in the e-commerce industry. We've powered (and continue to power) multi-million dollar online businesses who we've help grow from the ground up. Get in touch today and let's discuss some options, we're excited to help you reach your goals!

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Marketing, SEO & Digital Strategy

Have you ever been burned by the bad SEO guy? The one who promises a top 10 ranking, charges you hundreds of dollars per month and nothing ever changes? We're not that guy. We don't lock you into commitments or long term contracts because we feel we should earn your business month after month.

When we discuss SEO with our clients, we look at the big picture. We discuss a complete digital strategy that will combine SEO, content generation, social media marketing, and localized search all into one giant bundle of joy. If you're looking for an SEO & Digital Marketing company based in St. Augustine you've come to the right place. Let's talk today.

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Business Branding

Proper branding requires a uniform approach. Whether you have an existing business that needs re-branding or you are a new start-up needing your vision put to paper, we're your people! Our approach to branding involves getting to know the client we are working with in detail. Understanding not just where you see your company now but five years down the road.

We can do it all from logo design to business cards to stationary. Let us come up with a complete branding package and get your business ready to rock in 2016!

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WordPress Website Support

We do a lot of work on the popular WordPress platform. We also do a lot of work supporting clients on the WordPress platform. Even if we didn't develop your website, we would love to help you secure it, optimize it, and take it to new levels. Checkout our sister company, WP Cover for flat rate WordPress support packages.

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I wish I was on a boat, in the Caribbean with a cold beverage in hand. With the absolute last thing on my mind being the security of my website.



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