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Rent Private Boat Docks & Slips – Dock Skipper

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Cabe Nolan March 15, 2016


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Dock Skipper is one of the newest projects of Bold City Agency, and by far the most challenging! Based in Jacksonville, FL, Dock Skipper is the first peer-to-peer private dock rental marketplace. When ground was first broken on the development we knew we were in for a treat as well as a few headaches!

Build from the ground up, 100% custom and 100% WordPress, Dock Skipper is truly one of it’s kind. How does it work? Hosts with a property available to rent can create a free listing & account on the Dock Skipper website. Once live, boaters can search through the available listings, pictures & reviews to find the property that is perfect for them. A booking request is sent to the host with the requested dates, information on the boat, and any other requirements of the guests. If the host accepts, secure payment is taken upfront by Dock Skipper to lock-in the reservation. The guest arrives at the property on the arrival date and shortly after the listing host gets paid by Dock Skipper.

Here at Bold City we dislike excessive plugins, therefore, Dock Skipper was built almost 100% custom. Leveraging only three premium plugins and one SEO plugin, it does not rely on external authors or third party resources to power the site, which is always a great advantage long term

Dock Skipper will be an awesome project for the Bold City team for years to come. What does this mean for you? Experience! Have a project like Dock Skipper? Even if you don’t, we will probably leverage our experience in this project to take your website to new levels.

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