Featured Image Google Authenticator App Crashes on iOS 14.2 Solution

Google Authenticator App Crashes on iOS 14.2 Solution

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Cabe Nolan November 10, 2020


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With the new release of iOS 14.2 for iPhone, there have been major reported problems of the Google Authenticator app crashing every time it is opened.  With many designers, developers and project managers using Google Authenticator to gain access to their hosting servers, domain registrars, DNS managers, etc. this can quickly become a major issue.  While we all know we’re ‘supposed‘ to keep tabs on our Google Authenticator backup codes, they can sometimes be lost in the madness of everyday work.

Good news is there’s a quick and easy workaround to get you back on track.  I’ve tested this process on three iPhones and it’s worked without issue on each.

Step #1
On your iPhone, go to Settings –> General –> iPhone Storage and select the Google Authenticator app from the list of apps.

Step #2
Once you have the Google Authenticator app selected, click Offload App.  What this does is uninstall the Google Authenticator app but keeps all the data stored on the phone.

Step #3
Go back to your iPhone home screen and find the Google Authenticator app icon which will be grayed out indicating it has been uninstalled and offloaded.  Click the app icon to re-install the app.  Once the app is re-installed, you should be able to open it and your authenticator codes will be back as normal.

While this is not my typical WordPress related post, I felt it was affecting enough devs and designers in the community to warrant a quick post.  Hopefully, Google will push an app update for Google Authenticator in the near future and this article will no longer be relevant but until then, I hope this makes somebody’s day a little less stressful.

Enjoy ?

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