Featured Image 3 Simple & Free Tools To Get More Google Business Reviews

3 Simple & Free Tools To Get More Google Business Reviews

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Cabe Nolan February 05, 2019


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Google reviews have never been more important for your business.  Over 90% of consumers say online reviews have made an impact on a buying decision within the past 6 months.  However, studies have shown only 20% of businesses proactively collect Google reviews from their customers or clients.

Why should you collect Google reviews for your business?

Google reviews play a huge role in giving your business credibility and improving your local search engine ranking.  Adding more Google reviews to your profile allows your business to rank higher in Google map search results & mobile search results where the business location is important.

Outside of search ranking, Google reviews provide credibility to your business.  A recent survey showed that 70% of consumers trust Google reviews as much as a referral from a friend or family member.  Therefore, you can consider every Google review you get as a publicly accessible referral.

Why Are Businesses Not Collecting Google Reviews?

Easy, the answer is always lack of time.

Today, we’re going to share three completely different, yet equally awesome, free tools that will help you automate your review collection, get more reviews and get a jump start on your competition.


Google Review Link Generator

If you’ve experimented with requesting Google reviews from clients in the past, you’ve likely ran into the issue of explaining how they can leave you a review.  It’s always confusing and typically goes something like:

“go to Google, search for Widget Company, make sure you select the correct one in Jacksonville, click the name, scroll to the bottom, sign-in to Google, and on and on and on”

How is a customer supposed to remember this?  Furthermore, how is a customer expected to want to do this?  Sounds like a time consuming, complicated task.  Enter in the Arrivala Google Review Link Generator tool.  Arrivala created a tool that allows you to create a simple to copy and paste link that will take the customer directly to your Google review page.  Just paste the link in an email and click send!

Use the tool by visiting: https://arrivala.com/google-review-link-generator/


Google Handout Generator

Tend to deal with your customers in-person?  This is the tool for you!  The Google Handout Generator tool creates a one-page, printable, PDF that provides simple to follow instructions for a customer to write a review of your business.  The PDF can be branded with your companies logo and includes images in the step by step process.

The PDF also acts as a great reminder to the customer.

The process for creating the PDF couldn’t be easier.  Enter a few details of your business and click the Generate button.  No sign-up required.

Use the tool by visiting: https://arrivala.com/google-review-handout-generator


Arrivala Review Automation System

Ready to take your Google review collection to the next level?  Have a look at Arrivala (there is a free version) for a complete automation suite.

Arrivala has many awesome features from automatic follow-ups, review distribution to business platforms outside of Google, WordPress plugins to integrate with your site and so much more.

Use the tool by visiting: https://arrivala.com/


Best Practice For Requesting Reviews

  • If you meet with the customer in person, give them a Google Handout PDF
  • If you deal mostly online, either use the Google Review Link Generator or the full Arrivala suite
  • Ask for the review immediately after the conclusion of the sale or transaction.
  • Make sure you follow up at least one time if they do not write you a review within 48 hours

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