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Complete 10 Step Guide To Hiring The Perfect Web Developer

Cabe Nolan / Featured Post

Choosing the right web developer may be the most important decision you make when starting, or trying to expand a business. For most people, a website is a companies opportunity to make a first impression, and we all know how many chances you get to do that.

The world is changing around us, more and more business is being generated online. The largest online retailer in the world (Amazon) doesn’t even have a retail storefront. It’s time you take a deeper look at your website, or lack of one, and answer some important questions: Is your website capturing leads? Is your websites message and appearance inline with how you see your business? Is it effectively working as your best sales agent?

April 20, 2018

Website Design & Development Costs – That Price Tag Is Worth It

Starting a small business is a large undertaking.  You wear a lot of hats, often have to spend a good chunk of your savings to get the business off the ground and in the midst of running day-to-day operations, you’re always looking for ways to grow. One area of growth you may be considering is […]

April 18, 2018

Add Google Conversion OnClick Function To Gravity Forms Submit Button

Today we have another quick code snippet that you can copy/paste and quickly implement into your WordPress website that features Gravity Forms. Everybody wants to know conversion data, it’s how marketing decisions are made.  Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do.  Here’s a quick example on how you could add an onclick event to a Gravity Form […]

April 16, 2018

WooCommerce Add Handling Fee For Orders Over Specific Amount

Today I’m sharing a quick code snippet that was recently implemented for one of my clients.  The client has a WooCommerce powered online store and has found a very successful niche.  He often ships fragile goods and when the orders get large, it takes extra time to pack, handle, and ship the goods.  He requested […]

April 9, 2018

Monday Motivation : Reach further, dream bigger, and be fearless!

Today’s Monday Motivation comes by way of ActiveCaptain.  ActiveCaptain is a maritime service that was recently acquired by Garmin.  The service was somewhat of a directory mixed with a social network for cruisers.  As part of the service, they sent out a newsletter called The Marina Minute which often shared tidbits of business advice that […]

April 5, 2018

WordPress & Amazon Lightsail – Getting Started

Amazon Lightsail is an intriguing new product from Amazon Web Services that I’ve been meaning to sit down a play around with for some time.  This weekend, I took the opportunity to spin up a test instance and play around with getting a WordPress site migrated over. A little background first on Amazon Lightsail.  For […]

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